Anorexic Diet Plans For Real Results: Collection of Best Ana Diets

Ana Diet Plans That Actually Give Results

In this post i have wrote about almost each and every popular anorexia diet. All these ana diets, if followed correctly can help you lose weight fast and get fit. The anorexic diets which we have wrote about below are the ones which actually work to make you thin. So, without wasting any further time, let's begin with the eating plans which you could follow as your own thinspo diet. All of these diets have been followed by thousands of people and showed very good before and after results, only then i have featured these diets on this site.
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The Mixed Carb 400 Diet

1 cup fat-free, sugar-free yogurt, any flavor (120 cals)
total: 120 calories, 0 gms fat

2 slices reduced-calorie bread (80 cals)
1 medium apple (100 cals)
total: 180 calories, 1 gm fat

3 cups shredded iceberg lettuce (24 calories!)
3 tsp Wishbone Fat-Free Italian (30 cals)
8 baby carrots (40 cals)
total: 94 calories, 0 gms fat

total: 400 calories, 1 gm fat

Caroline Kettlewell Diet

½ cup fat-free yogurt (100 cals)
total: 100 calories, 0 gms fat

1 clementine or 1 small orange ( 45 cals)
total: 45 calories, 0 gms fat

3 bites of dinner (approx. 100 cals) total: 100 calories, 2 gms fat

total: 245 calories, 2 gms fat

Ana Boot Camp Diet
The Ana Boot Camp (or ABC Diet) is an internet diet meme passed around on forums devoted to pro ana (pro anorexia, a movement promoting anorexia as an alternative lifestyle rather than a disease).

What You'll Eat
The Ana Boot Camp Diet is a simple 50-day schedule listing the number of calories that the dieter is advised to eat. Calorie levels range from zero to 500 calories (one day only lists 800 calories), in an apparently random pattern.
The diet is based on the concept of calorie shifting, a dieting theory born from the idea that when you reduce your food intake suddenly, your body shifts into “starvation mode,” an evolutionary defense mechanism in which your body’s metabolism becomes more efficient in order to cope with an expected shortage of food. By varying the number of calories each day you presumably trick the body into not realizing that it is being confronted with a shortage of food, thus preventing starvation mode.

Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 500 500 300 400 100 200 300
Week 2 400 500 Fast 150 200 400 350
Week 3 250 200 Fast 200 100 Fast 300
Week 4 250 200 150 100 50 100 200
Week 5 200 300 800 Fast 250 350 450
Week 6 Fast 500 450 400 350 300 250
Week 7 200 200 250 200 300 200 150
Week 8 Fast Slowly return to a normal diet

Vegan Model Diet 

1 slice reduced-calorie bread (45 cals)
1-2 cups black coffee, or with no-cal sweetener (0 cals)
total: 45 calories, ½ gm fat

1 medium-large apple (120 cals)
total: 120 calories, ½ gm fat

8 baby carrots (40 cals)
total: 40 calories, 0 gms fat

total: 200 calories, 1 gm fat

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3 Day Fruit Flush Diet
1 piece or as you see fit according to your requirement of high-carb fruit (banana, large pear, ½ mango)
total: varies
1 piece high-fiber fruit (apple, plums, ½ cup berries)
total: varies
1 piece citrus fruit (orange, small grapefruit, tangerine, 2 clementines)
total: varies
total: 220- 310 calories, 1 gm fat

Super Reduction Oatmeal Diet

One packet instant oatmeal, any flavor (120-160 cals)
total: 120-160 calories, 2-4 gms fat

Diet soda (0 cals)
total: 0 cals, 0 gms fat

Tea w/ no-cal sweetener (<5 cals)
total: <5 calories, 0 gms fat

total: 120-165 calories, 2-4 gms fat
anorexic diet
When I make the oatmeal I cook it with water and only use original, so that breakfast is only 98 calories.

2468 Diet 

There are many variations on this.

Day #1 – Eat a maximum of 200 calories
Day #2 – Eat a maximum of 400 calories
Day #3 – Eat a maximum of 600 calories
Day #4 – Eat a maximum of 800 calories
Day #5 – FAST

Then you repeat the cycle…

anorexic people

The Skinny Girl Diet

This is a calorie restriction diet but you can eat as many fruits and veggies as you like and it doesn't count in your total calorie intake.
The diet has to be started on a Monday.

Day 1. 400 calories
Day 2. 300 calories
Day 3. 400 calories
Day 4. 500 calories
Day 5. 450 calories
Day 6. 650 calories
Day 7. 650 calories
Day 8. 400 calories
Day 9. 300 calories
Day 10. 400 calories
Day 11. 500 calories
Day 12. 450 calories
Day 13. 650 calories
Day 14. 700 calories
Day 15. 400 calories
Day 16. 300 calories
Day 17. 400 calories
Day 18. 450 calories
Day 19. 500 calories
Day 20. 650 calories
Day 21. 700 calories
Day 22. 400 calories
Day 23. 300 calories
Day 24. 450 calories
Day 25. 500 calories
Day 26. 450 calories
Day 27. 650 calories
Day 28. 700 calories
Day 29. 400 calories
Day 30. Fast!

The Russian Gymnast Diet 

This is the diet of Olympic silver medalist Irina Tschachina ( 5″6 and weighs only 99lbs!) it was such a success for her now many other Russian Gymnasts are following this diet.

Glass of either orange or apple juice

Fruit Salad (made off kiwi fruit, orange, pineapple, and peeled apples)
Glass of fruit juice (from one of the above fruits)

Glass of non carbonated water*
Green apple

Anyone on this diet for 5-7 days can loose between 4 lbs-11 lbs
*non-carbonated means non-fizzy, so normal water.

The Marya Hornbacher Diet

1 grapefruit ( 100 cals)
total: 100 calories, 0 gms fat

2 fat-free pretzels from a bag ( 20 cals) 4 carrot sticks, ( 12 cals) 4 celery sticks ( 5 cals) 3 tsp mustard (5 cals)
total: 42 calories, 0 gms fat

½ cup fat-free, sugar-free yogurt ( 60cals)
total: 60 calories, 0 gms fat

total: 202 calories, 0 gms fat


This is one of my favorites!
I'm not really sure why its called the Alice Diet other than all of the tea. This diet entails a rather low calorie count and a lot of fasting. It is not suggested that someone who is currently eating a higher amount of calories to do this diet. The diet is 22 days long and includes tea and tea with milk days. On the tea days you are to fast with unsweetened tea. You can have as much as you want on these days. On the tea with milk days you can add milk to your tea. (I suggest skim, unsweetened almond, or something similar) You can have as much as you want on these days but I would suggest that you not over do it. (I stick to around 3-4 cups myself) On the last day I would suggest a water only fast. As always, please be safe when starting a diet such as this and remember to take your vitamins!

The Miss Hilton Diet

Breakfast (0 cals)
Diet Coke (0 cals)
Diet Pill (0 cals)

Lunch (36 cals)
Water (0 cals)
1/2 sliced apple (36 cals)
Diet Pill (0 cals)

Dinner (30 cals)
Water/tea w/equal (0 cals)
3 oz. steamed vegetables (30 cals)

Snack (15 cals)
Sugar-free gum (5 cals)
1/2 cup sugar-free jello (10 cals)

The Lunabelle Diet was created by a girl that I know. It's slowly growing in popularity. It also targets weightless by switching up your calories to try to trick your metabolism. This diet is kind of like an in-between diet of the skinny girl and ABC. It has slightly higher calorie counts than the ABC diet and lasts for 30 days with a few fast days along the way.  As always, please be safe when starting a diet such as this and remember to take your vitamins!
ana lunabelle diet for anorexic

The Miss Richie Diet

Breakfast (53 cals)
Black Coffee/Diet Coke/Water (0 cals)
1/2 a grapefruit (53 cals)
Lunch (48 cals)
Diet Coke/Water (0 cals)
1 1/2 cup Salad w/o dressing (33 cals)
Sugar-Free Popsicle (15 cals)
Dinner (92 cals):
Water (0 cals)
2 oz. drained, light tuna canned in water (66 cals)
3 oz. green beans (26 cals)
Snacks – whenever you want (20 cals):
Sugar-free popsicle (15 cals)
Sugar-free gum (5 cals)


The Ana Diet

Coffee and one small vegetable

Small apple/small vegetable

Sugar-free gum

Evening meal
Apple/raw carrot/lettuce

Drink plenty of water to fill yourself up.
Get in at least 30 mins of cardio a day.

Five Bites Diet

The diet has been described as ‘mental gastric bypass surgery’. Obese people can get their stomachs stapled so that they feel full on only a few bites of each meal. This diet, therefore, takes a fair bit of self-control, the first 3 days were the hardest for me, it then got quite a bit easier.
The creator of the diet suggests 5 bites of each meal, but I have made it 3 bites because this is closer to how much a gastric bypass patient can usually eat.

3 bites of porridge (oatmeal) made with skimmed milk and 1 tsp sugar

3 bites of ham sandwich

3 bites of lasagne

It’s important that drinks are consumed that have no calories. Such as diet coke, water, herbal teas, tea or coffee.
Master Cleanse Fast
#1 (single serving):
– 2 Tbsp Lemon (approx ½ of a Lemon)
– 2 Tbsp Genuine Organic Maple Syrup
– 1/10 Tsp Cayenne pepper
– Ten oz. a glass of hot water (cold can be used if preferred)

#2 (60 oz. daily serving):
– 60 oz. water
– 12 Tbsp organic Maple syrup (Grade B)
– 12 Tbsp lemon juice
– ½ Tsp Cayenne Pepper

There are a couple important things to remember when using these recipes. For one, the lemon juice used must be fresh squeezed. This cannot be emphasized enough. It is necessary to use fresh produce. Canned juice won’t work and will erase most of the benefits of using this diet. Also, the maple syrup must be organic, Grade B maple syrup, not the sugar filled syrup that is used at the breakfast table.

The Super Ana Diet

1 cup of black coffee

1/2 Apple

1/2 Apple

anorexia nervosa diet plan

The Ana Atkins Diet

Okay, well this is my twist on the Ana Atkins diet. With atkins you can hardly eat any carbs, but may gorge on protein and fats. Well, my view is that you shouldn’t gorge on anything and that you should eat little snacks throughout the day.

3 egg white omelette, cooked with 2 sprays of cooking spray

White fish fillet oven baked in foil with 5g butter

Roast Chicken Drumstick with 1 cup of salad leaves

50g of prawns cooked in garlic and chilli and 2 sprays of cooking spray

Grilled Sirloin Steak with 1 cup of salad leaves

You’ll drop weight pretty fast on this and by day 3 ketones will be circulating in your blood and so your appetite will really diminish.

The Baby Food Diet

This is where you get to eat baby food to lose weight. Try to stick to organic baby food (move vitamins) and eat more vegetable-based ones than fruit based. If you’re in the UK, I recommend HiPP organic. Get the 80g jars that are used for weaning babies.

Apple and Banana Puree

Vegetable and Lentil Bake

Succulent Tomato and Chicken Ragout

Alternatively you could substitute lunch and dinner for baby food and just eat a normal breakfast.

Special K Plus Challenge

The Special K diet has become a very popular challenge among women past few years. I’ve ana-fied it a little. This will be excellent for metabolism, due to the frequency of eating. The mix of milk and water is just so people don’t think you’re crazy if you just use water (due to its low calories). Oh and I’ve noticed that skinny people don’t drink the leftover milk in their cereal bowl. Just a thought.

You could use any cereal, I recommend
* Weetabix
* Bran Flakes
But check the calories in the snack bar you use.

100g of special K with 100ml of skimmed milk and 100ml of water

1/2 Special K Snack Bar

75g of special K with 100ml of skimmed milk and 100ml of water

1/2 Special K Snack Bar

50g of special K with 100ml of skimmed milk and 100ml of water

The Skinny Arse Diet

This is tried and tested with me! I created this from scratch, although completely accidentally! It all started when I got ‘the sims’ for the computer. I was so excited I played it nearly 2 days straight and lost 14 lbs (1 stone!) in a week. I was overweight at the time, but it still amazes me that this works so well. Your appetite vanishes and for me this was completely effortless.

1 teabag
1 slice of lemon
1 tsp of sugar
250ml of hot water.

1. Brew the teabag in the hot water for 3-5 minutes.
2. Discard teabag. (I often leave it in though, because I prefer strong tea).
3. Add a level teaspoon of sugar. Stir.
4. Add the slice of lemon. (You can also use bottled lemon juice but make sure its natural strength).
5. Let the tea rest for 2 minutes.
6. Drink up!

All day drink as much as you want, particularly when you’re hungry. Try to drink at least one cup three times a day.

You may already have ‘distractions’, but for this diet, find a bloody good one!

My suggestions…
* A really good computer/ps/wii game, preferably one that you play that has its own imaginary time
* A good long book (depending on taste ‘War and Peace’ or ‘Harry Potter’
* A movie marathon or tv series marathon
* Clean the house from top to bottom!

The other important thing about this diet is try not to think about eating, don’t observe meal times, just get engrossed in your chosen subject.

The Rainbow Diet

Monday (white):
Breakfast: ½ apple (40.5 cals)
Lunch: ½ apple (40.5 cals)
Dinner: 1 cucumber (24 cals)
Total: 105 cals

Tuesday (yellow):
Breakfast: 1 banana (108.5 cals)
Lunch: 1 banana (108.5 cals)
Dinner: ½ cup corn (66 cals)
Total: 283 cals

Wednesday (fast):

Thursday (orange):
Breakfast: ½ orange (31 cals)
Lunch: ½ orange (31 cals)
Dinner: 1 carrot (26 cals)
Total: 88 cals

Friday (red):
Breakfast: ½ cup strawberries (21.5 cals)
Lunch: ½ cup strawberries (21.5 cals)
Dinner: ½ red pepper (16 cals)
Total: 59 cals

Saturday (purple/blue):
Breakfast: 10 blueberries (8 cals)
Lunch: 10 blueberries (8 cals)
Dinner: 10 raspberries (24 cals)
Total: 40 cals

Sunday (green):
Breakfast: ½ cup grapes (57 cals)
Lunch: ½ grapes (57 cals)
Dinner: 1 cup lettuce (7 cals)
Total: 121 cals

Week total: 696 cals

The Milk Diet

On this diet drink only skimmed milk. You can lose 15 lbs in 8 days on this.
the diet is 8 days ….
• 1 day:6 cups of milk
• 2 day : 4 cups of milk + 2 fruits
• 3day: 2 cups of milk + 2 fruits + cheese ( how much you want …
butt… have control .. hehhe )
• 4 day : 4 cups of milk + 1 fruit +1 piece of some meat
• 5 day : 2 cups of milk + 2 fruit +1 piece of some meat +1egg
• 6day: 2cups of milk + 1 fruit +1 piece of some meat +1egg +chesee
• 7day: 3 cups of milk + 3 fruit
• 8day: 2 cups of milk + 1 fruit +1 piece of some meat + cheese
The Mary Kate Challenge
15 Points:
*no food all day
*burning more than 300 calories
*eight or more cups of H2O

10 Points:
*300 or less calories
*burning 200-300 calories
*6 or 7 cups of water
*commenting on five other sites

7 Points:
*300-500 calories
*burning 150-200 calories
*4 or 5 cups of water
*commenting on three sites

2 Points:
*purging on a binge

1 Point:
*resisting food
*every hour of sleep
*every cup of green tea
*diet pills

-5 Points:

Calorie Intake :Fasting 8 Points
001-100 7 Points
201-300 6 Points
301-400 5 Points401-500 4 Points500+ 1 Point

Sleep (in hours)10-12 8 Points
08-10 6 Points
06-08 4 Points
04-06 2 Points
00-03 1 Point

Exercise (in minutes)

8 points

6 Points

4 Points

2 Points

5-15 1 Point

none -2 Points

Water (1 point per 500ml) 5+ 8 Points
5 6 Points
4 5 Points
3 3 Points
2 2 Points
1 1 Point

Sit-Ups 120+ 8 Points
100-120 7 Points
080-100 6 Points
060-080 5 Points
040-060 4 Points
020-040 2 Points
000-020 1 Point

NOTE: Before following any of the above diet, make sure you have read our Disclaimer page.

Proceeding a Anorexic Diet Plan

Now you know about a lot of anorexic diets, so  you might be confused which eating plan should you follow to get the best results or which of these diets is actually safe or works. According to me, you should go with the one that fulfills you personal eating habits correctly. You should choose the ana diet which you think you would be able to follow easily. This way you will face lesser problems while following these meal plans. So, go ahead on your thinspiration journey and choose any of the above diet to get the fit body you always wanted. 


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