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How to become Anorexic Fast

Anorexia is a disorder resulting from poor eating habits, which often starts in teenage stage of human development. Statistics shows that about 5 percent of girls in the United States are anorexic.
As a result, four out of ten girls at teenage stage skip some meals so that they can avoid anorexia, and to slim up as much as possible. Nevertheless, it is not only girls who want to lose weight by skipping meals, but also boys are included. In addition to skipping meals, these people go ahead into taking laxative tablets, overdoing physical exercises, and so on. However, Anorexia condition is too dangerous. In fact, statistics shows that about 20 percent of anorexics do not live more than 20 years after the start of the condition, and only 60 percent is healed and becomes better completely.

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how to become anorexic fast

How to become Anorexic Easily and Really Fast

Though these days we are seeing a lot of people using anorexic ways to lose weight and get thin. For that people get confused and say that "I want to be anorexic" or ask "How to get anorexia" which is a different thing. Because trust me you don't want to be the victim of this deadly disease. Becoming anorexic has became a slang for girls who are fat and want to get thin but they don't suffer from any kind of eating disorder. So, for girls who want to become anorexic,or get skinny fast we have prepared a list of few very effective diets that will help you to lose weight fast and get thin. These diets can help you get a perfect slim body. You could also follow some anorexia tips along with these diet plans to acheive your goals even quicker.

There are several ways in which one can become Anorexic very fast and it includes the following:

The baby-food weight loss dietary

This is one of the ideal and common ways in which one can be anorexic. In fact, it is one of the excessive diets favored by some Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. It is quite simple to be anorexic with this procedure; you just need to ingest many baby foods. These foods are very nutritious and they are often pureed for infants. To get quick and fast results, you are supposed to take that baby food diet with some plenty of water, coffee, and even alcoholic beverages. This weight reduction plan is quite fantastic since it is not expensive and yields effective weight loss as compared to other weight loss programs.

The 5-Bite Weight-Reduction Plan

This is one of the best weight loss dietary plans that perfectly fit those people who want to learn the right way to be anorexic. Just like the previous plan, this plan is simple to implement too. You just need to take five bites of food (no more no less!) as your morning meal, at lunch, and dinner. You are not limited to the type of food that you should take; however, it should be at least nutritious and healthy. In the middle of the main five-bite meals, you are required to take some drinks such as water, and vitamin supplements as much as possible. However, avoid taking drinks with calories.

The Air Weight Loss Plan

This is perhaps the third best plan that can be used to effectively achieve the above objective. It is the most radical procedure as compared to the previous two plans on how to be anorexic. However, the procedure looks too simple since you are required to abstain from consuming any solid foods at all. You are required to eat only fresh air! Nevertheless, how can this happen? What is amazing is that you should follow the whole procedure of preparation to take a meal- that is, prepare your delicious meal, serve it in your dish, sit down for the meal, and so on. The last step is to spoon the food towards your mouth, and then stop there. Do not drop any solid piece of the delicious meal on your mouth! You can compromise with soup and water as you pretend to be chewing the solid food, in this case air food.

Now, you know three good diet plans to become anorexic, and we also suggest you read some good anorexic tips with them and start your diet slowly and not abruptly. If you will follow any of the above diets properly, you will be able to acheive your targets within very less amount of time. If you have any queries that you want to ask, you can leave a comment below and we will try our best to answer you.


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