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How to get Rid of Anorexia Nervosa at Home Naturally

Anorexia can be defined as a serious and a potentially life threatening mental disease or illness. It is a disorder that comes from the inability of an individual to maintain his or her body weight within a range of 15 per cent of the ideal weight of the body. There are several other essential features of this disorder such as distortion of the image of the body of an individual, refusal of the seriousness of the disease or illness, a disorder in females where they cannot be able to see their menstrual circle for at least a period of three months (a condition known as amenorrhea) and an intense fear of weight gain.

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Tips of Knowing an Anorexic Person

Anorexia has no specific test that is used in the diagnosis of the complexity of this disease. The diagnosis of this disease is only made when a mental health professional or a physician recognizes and identifies the possible symptoms, signs and the patterns of behavior and thinking that this illness characterizes. There are several common medical diseases or illnesses that have the same features as those of anorexia and that is why before undergoing the diagnosis of this disease, it is advisable that you undergo a complete and thorough evaluation and checkup to prove that you are suffering from anorexia.
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Individuals Who Usually Develop Anorexia?

Anorexia being a complex eating disorder has several key features such as the denial to maintaining of a body weight that is health, having a body image that is distorted and also having an intense fear of weight gain. All these are eating disorders and in most cases they tend to occur in the adolescence stage and they are likely to develop faster throughout the lifetime of an individual. Predominantly, this disorder affects the young adult women and the girls who are in the stage of adolescence but it also occurs in boys, younger girls, older women and men.

The other individuals who are at risk for these eating disorders include the dancers, models where thinness is said to be a professional requirement and also to athletics. People with such disorders can also be diagnosed with psychiatric diseases such as substance abuse disorders, anxiety and depression. Presences of anxiety and depression disorders are very risky because they are likely to have an effect to an individual later in life.

Maintaining Your Weight Despite Being Anorexic

Maintain Weight Anorexic

Being anorexic does not mean that an individual cannot maintain his or her body weight and therefore it is easy to recover from anorexia. There are main steps that are involved in the treatment of anorexia. They include:

Eating more food than before

Starting to change the way in which you usually think about food and yourself
Getting back to weight that is healthy
Use of medical treatment to treat anorexia
Use of counseling and therapy
Nutritional treatment and diet balance
It is therefore evident that you can be able to maintain your weight while you are still anorexic.


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